Big Words!

Mission Statement: We insure that every child is raised in the richest language environment possible.

85% of baby’s neurological infrastructure is created in the first three years of life. Science tells us how to make neurological infrastructure strong and stable: provide the greatest quantity and quality of language input possible for each child.

Parents, grandparents and early childcare educators universally want what is best for their children. Across sociodemographic lines, caregivers want to raise moral, social and capable individuals. But the amount and disparity of information regarding HOW to do that is vast. Caregivers report feeling overwhelmed and guilty.  They want to provide individualized, joyful learning for their children, and they want support, collaboration and validation for their efforts.  They are stressed and overwhelmed at the amount of information they receive about what is the ‘right’ thing to do to prepare children for the jobs of the future and guilty about their inability to do it all.

Results: The US Department of Education reports that 60% of kindergarteners are ‘not ready to learn’ and ACT testing corporation reports that 74% of college freshmen are unprepared for challenging STEM coursework; and more than 75% of business leaders report they struggle to find the skilled employees they need.

Big Words! is a digital platform designed to provide caregivers a seamlessly integrated strategy to help them increase the most important component of their babies’ educational growth: WORDS! We provide the tools, information, collaboration, and validation caregivers crave.

Concepts being tested: Caregivers create an individual account for each child; logs books read to each child. Book logging is integrated into the reading routine via the caregiver’s preferred digital interface. They can direct any smart speaker (Siri, Alexa, etc.) to record their chosen title, send a photo of the book’s cover or barcode, or type the book’s title. Parents receive daily feedback toward personalized goals (e.g. 1-5 new words a day), weekly reports listing the books they’ve read, the number of and complexity of words each child enjoyed, and personalized suggestions for books and strategies to increase the quantity and quality of words each child will experience the next week.

Caregivers can connect with each other through each child’s unique account, which provides a platform for communication and collaboration regarding the books and words children are experiencing at home, childcare, and across community settings. Pediatricians can review children’s Big Words! and offer validation, support and direction.

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